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S Meter Lite 2.15

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July 6 2011


S Meter Lite 2.15


S Meter Lite is a no-cost program that displays your receiver's S Meter signal strength in a window.

S Meters are often used as a basis for signal comparison. Perhaps the comparison is between multiple stations or antennas. In order to make this comparison easier, it would be desirable to be able to save recent S Meter readings so that we could refer to them and see the difference. By clicking the Restore button on the above window, the window expands, revealing the full S Meter Lite window, shown in the following screen capture.

S Meters are usually not accurately calibrated - both in the S Unit and dB portions of the scale. S Meter Lite has a second mode of operation where the typical meter scale is replaced with a dB-only scale that is centered around S9 (S9 equals 0 dB). In this mode, S Meter Lite can be calibrated to follow decibel changes accurately. This mode is entered by pressing the dB button. Here is a screen capture from that mode.

The typical S Meter scale has been replaced with a scale that ranges from -18 dB, through S9, to +12 dB. Since the data points have been set with the help of an RF generator, and a step attenuator, they are much more accurate than the usual S Meter markings. This example shows a local AM broadcast station transmission. The red lines separate the use of two different antennas. The signal strength difference appears to be about 17 dB.

S Meter Lite supports the following radios:
ICOM IC-756PRO (I, II, III) (not the 756 standard)
ICOM IC-706MKIIG (not the other two 706 family members)
ICOM R9000
ICOM R7100
Yaesu FT-920
Yaesu FT-1000MP
Yaesu FT-1000D

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