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p2gStereoStage Version 1.6.0

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April 5 2011


p2gStereoStage Version 1.6.0


From comes p2gStereoStage, the world's first "multi-everything" 3D stereoscopic media player for the World Wide Web. Easily combine different types of audio-visual source media in unified, polished shows to play anywhere, at any size. From a single stereo image all the way to a full-blown cinematic 3D extravaganza with hundreds of scenes: Let p2gStereoStage handle your 3D stereo display on the web. Multi-Media: Plays still images, animated images, video streams, and audio in a variety of configurations. "Mix and match" 3D/2D visuals and audio. Multi-Source: Opens JPG, JPS, PNG, and GIF images / FLV, F4V, MP4, M4V video / MP3 audio files. 3D stereo visuals can be side-by-side (cross-eyed or parallel) and KMQ-style over-under arrangements. Supports HTTP pseudo streaming of Flash video; Perl server script and meta data injector included in distro. Supports RTMP from dedicated media servers ("wowza"). Multi-Format: Shows stereo media in a variety of popular 3D stereoscopic formats: 24 anaglyph flavors, row- and column interlaced displays (field-reversible), parallel and cross-eyed freeviewing, KMQ over-under views, time-for-space animation. Match display colors to whatever 3D glasses you own. Multi-Sound: Arrange MP3 audio on "smart" soundtracks. Audio streams are mixed live, as the show plays, to create a dense movie-like sound canvas. "Smart" means, the audio can be configured to deliver a consistent mood accross entire blocks of scenes – whether the show plays in a linear fashion, or the user bounces around different scenes. "Smart" sound turns a simple photo album – stereoscopic or not – into a full blown cinematic extravaganza. Multi-Color: The user interface of p2gStereoStage has different built-in color schemes that can be activated with just one setup parameter. In other words, you don't have to spoil your elaborate page design with an "off" color, e.g. like orange- you can match the applet's UI to your site.

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