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G2S Ubercart Module Version 1.0

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May 15 2009


G2S Ubercart Module Version 1.0


This is a G2S payment module for Ubercart, the open source e-commerce package provider for Drupal. Gate2Shop is a complete ecommerce solution provider for software vendors. Most Credit Cards are accepted and alternative payment methods are available. All features of Ubercart are fully supported. Integration is easy and streamlined and competent tech support is available. Gate2Shop is ideal for all software vendors and digital service providers. You create the software, G2S will help sell it!Features supported by the Gate2Shop system and the module:- Superior Security Practices - By combining both professional analysts and the most recent technology the vendor is given unparalleled security.- Direct Merchant Notification - The Direct notification provides the vendor with an instantaneous notification of transaction made through its site. - Chargeback Guarantee - The guarantee the G2S offers protects the vendor from fraudulent chargebacks to the point if a chargeback gets by, there is no cost to the vendor.- No Merchant Account needed - Multiple payment options - The reputation that G2S has developed with the acquiring banks allows G2S to provide more than payment options and methods.- Rapid account processing - The professional team that is employed at G2S provides rapid processing of the vendor accounts while also maintaining the highest level of customer support.- Quick Payout Schedules - Payouts on a weekly basis.- Superior Risk Management - With the use of the most recent technology and highly trained Risk Team, the risk is removed from processing with G2S.- G2S Rebilling - Our Rebilling feature provides the perfect solution for recurring payment such as subscriptions and memberships and it comes at no additional cost.- Key License Management/Hosting - This feature is perfect for the online software resellers, taking the time consuming task of license management and hosting and streamlining the process.


Ubercart 1.7, Drupal 5.x

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