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J2me_CryptText Version 2.2

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March 17 2011


J2me_CryptText Version 2.2


Register on the phone to secure your passwords or sensitive text. Ability to save so cryptato details of login or other sensitive data for later retrieval if necessary. The data can be seen clearly only with the key with which they were generated, therefore, just remember one password (the key) to get access to all the others. Using the application win32_CrypText at homepage j2me_crypttext/ you can transfer the stored data via bluetooth from phone to PC Desktop. Application implememts Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA). The Tiny Encryption Algorithm is one of the fastest and most efficient cryptographic algorithms in existence. It was developed by David Wheeler and Roger Needham at the Computer Laboratory of Cambridge University. See homepage /ftp/users/djw3/

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