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V-Talking Version

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WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64


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June 27 2011


V-Talking Version


V-Talking is a multifunctional chat and forum for local and global networks with monitoring of network connections, encoding of the messages and embedded games. Possible work as in client-server mode, as well as in the client-client mode. Administration, delayed messages, file transfer, system of reputation, information about the users, network environment, accounts, avatars.


Channels manager:
· Stores the list of all accessible channels with the information on authors of channels, themes of channels, and also their condition (disconnected / connected). By means of the manager of channels you can create new and delete existing channels, to carry out connection / disconnection of channels, to change themes. Creation of the protected channels is possible. From the contextual menu in the list of users probably invitation of users in the created channels.

Manager of registration records:
· In the given manager you can make switching between existing records, to create new, to delete, and also to edit registration records. Each registration record stores personal data of the user, his identifier in the program, statistics of the user, and also some individual options.

· The forum in V-Talking uses the unique technology which is not demanding for the work the allocated server, or folders of the common access. As well as in any the Internet-forum you can create the themes, and also participate in discussion of other users by that (answers, citations). For each theme and the user in a forum the special rating is conducted. Themes can be limited to the password. You can create themes with polls in which other users of the program can take part.

· Monitoring of network connections with history of manipulations to files, auto-closing of connections, black and white lists etc.

Mass Messages:
· System of conducting dialogues with the chosen users without necessity of creation of channels.

Transfer of files:
· By means of V-Talking you can transmit the files to another user of program. For this purpose there is a convenient panel for transfer, with the list of the added files, their sizes, and also indication of success of transfer for each file.

File Buffer:
· The page of the file buffer (F11) shows the list of last received files, and also allows to switch-on a mode of automatic reception of files.

Links to files:
· You also can send links to files. The link can be as usual, having click on which, the user gets in a directory with a file, and "executed", at a clique on which the executed file can be started. For this purpose in the end of the link it is necessary to add a sign on a Tilde "~". For example, (serversharefile.exe~). Links should be given on open resources of a network.

Support of images:
· There is a support of images for a forum, and also for channels and history of messages of the program. Sending of images occurs as the usual reference to a file to the subsequent converting in the image. Images for a forum are automatically kept in a special folder. As well as in case of with links to files, links to images should be specified accessible resources of a network.

· Avatars in V-Talking are used not only for messages of a forum, but also for the common channels of the program with display an avatar of the user, the last left the message in the channel. In the program the collection from 120 avatars, distributed on groups contains. Also there is an opportunity of use of the user images.

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