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QA Studio Version 2.0

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Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Win Vista


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May 22 2008


QA Studio Version 2.0


Innovasys QA Studio is a Test Authoring and Management Tool. Using QA Studio you can author Test Cases, publish them to compiled HTML Help 1.x or on an Intranet / Internet web site, manage the test process by co-ordinating a test team, recording test results and creating test status reports to track test completion and coverage. With one of the most highly productive authoring environments available today, QA Studio provides you with a suite of functionality that makes it quick and easy for both novice and experienced QA professionals to author rich and dynamic Test Cases that minimize duplication and are simple to maintain and adapt over time. Project Find and Replace, Spell Check and Link Checker tools ensure that your Test Case content is of the highest quality.Using Flags, Test Profiles and Test Cycles you can create and manage multiple outputs from the same project (e.g. different Test Scripts for different versions of a software product). Online output (compiled help file or web ready HTML) and / or printable PDF Booklets can be produced from the same project source. Once you have published your Test Cases, QA Studio test tracking features ensure that multiple individuals can work on the same Test Script without duplication. As test personnel work their way through the script, they are automatically assigned the next available Test Case. Test Cases can be easily assigned to Test Groups in order to identify a related set of dependant tests. A Test Cycle report is available both from within QA Studio and within the published Test Script that shows progress summary and detailed results information in real time. QA Studio can include Community Features in generated Test Scripts. These features provide a highly effective way for test personnel to communicate back issues or suggestions during testing, or for business stakeholders to review Test Scripts.


IE6 or higher

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