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Playdom Toolbar

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March 3 2011


Playdom Toolbar


Playdom Toolbar is a toolbar for IE, Safari, and Mozila Firefox browsers which provides instant access to the Playdom site. In this site you will find a great variety of games for social sites like Facebook and MySpace. The toolbar really doesn't include much and I'd only justify its download if you play these games often. The toolbar includes a button with the available games, so you can instantly be directed to them, by logging in to your respective account first. The games it includes are Mobster, Mobster 2, Sorority Life, Tikifarm, and TikiResort. The Playdom site also offers other games, but these seem to be the favorite ones. Apart from this, there are two other buttons to log in to Facebook and MySpace. By default, the toolbar doesn't include the usual Conduit components, but if you want you can add them from the main menu. Unlike other toolbars, the search field only allows you to search keywords in Facebook, Myspace, and of course in your favorite search engine, but nothing more. In the main menu you will also find links to access Mobsters and Sorority Life Forums.
In short, I wouldn't recommend downloading Playdom Toolbar unless you are real fan of any of those games.

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