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I Love Library 2.3

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October 8 2010


I Love Library 2.3


I Love Library is a free software tool with a double purpose – to allow you to create e-books from any set of PDF or JPG files and organize them in your own personal library. It comprises three different tools – a book builder, a book viewer, and a catalog. Its built-in OCR capabilities will allow you to create fully searchable books from PDF files.

The e-book creation process could not be simpler – the program will guide you using a step-by-step diagram with every action that needs to be taken. You can combine any number of both PDF and JPG files in just one book, and I Love Library will add a thumbnail, a spine, and a stylish page flip option according to your preferences. During the creation process you will be asked to select a category (book, magazine, newspaper, etc.) and some basic bibliographic data about the e-book.

The program includes some nice additional functionality, such as the possibility of scanning your documents, or sending your e-books to any e-mail address without leaving the program.

Though advertised for large and highly-professional institutions such as historical archives, universities, and museums, the low level of the cataloging data available makes it more suitable for personal use. A large amount of work has been put into the development of the viewer and the e-book builder, but it would not be fair to say that you can catalog your e-books at a professional level using this tool.

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