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G-Lock EasyMail

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March 4 2011


G-Lock EasyMail


With G-Lock EasyMail we can send our e-mails and personalize them with templates, we can create publicity campaigns too.
When we open the program we can find one quick toolbar, four tags (home, accounts, tools and help), one toolbar and one explorer for handle our accounts, templates, drafts, sent and scheduler.
With this program, we can handle the delivery settings, we can see our mail status in the delivery monitor, bounced manager is another feature that we can use.
Add accounts, edit or duplicate them, we can handle and add different templates that come with the program, other tool is that we can create a new work place, to work more comfortably.
We can handle the address book and we can load a list, use the import or export wizard, we can create an exclusion list in it we can create new filters too and we can create a link to the database manager.
This program is very useful and can send personalized e-mails to our contacts, we can use the Html code and more, we have amazing possibilities and tools for handling our mails.

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