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T2K PLUS 2.31

OS Support:

WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, WinXP


Publisher Old version


October 20 2006


T2K PLUS 2.31


T2K PLUS or Tiles2KML PLUS enables you to efficiently load large set of imagery or raster maps very quickly into Google Earth using Region-Based Network Links. This method has an onRegion option, which specifically loads the Region data only when the Region is active. Thus only the needed set of data is loaded with multiple levels of detail, larger amounts of data are loaded only when the user's viewpoint triggers the next load. Tiles2Kml PLUS converts your imagery into very small tiles with different level of details allowing very quick view for very large datasets without losing the image quality. T2K PLUS generates very small image tiles that can be servered locally on your PC or your intranet. You can even share your imagery through the internet using the customized kml files that links Google Earth client to the small tiles on your webserver. Sharing large imagery over the internet becomes a very quick and easy process.


P-IV - 512 MB RAM - GoogleEarth

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