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BearShare MP3 Downloader 2.8

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December 5 2010


BearShare MP3 Downloader 2.8


BearShare MP3 Downloader is a versatile program that allows you to easily search for multimedia files in MP3 or other formats. This software is very easy to install, and practically needs no initial configuration to start searching for and downloading files. The search speed is very good, although the files selected for download take a while to start downloading and, in some cases, do not reach the expected speed. The program also includes a chat client, which allows you to connect to a server and stay in touch with other people while your files download.

The user interface is very comfortable and friendly, without any difficult or incomprehensible options to configure. Any person can easily search for files, even those who have not used P2P programs previously. The program also provides very good filtering options in both the search screen and the transfers screen. Even though it is very simple to use, you may access any of its other configurable parameters and customize them according to your preferences, such as the networks it connects to, the share options, the bandwidth usage, the filters, and the chat options.

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