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Q-Dir 4.4.6

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February 7 2011


Q-Dir 4.4.6


Q-Dir is a file explorer/file manager for Windows computers. However, this is not your regular two-pane design. Q-Dir is an application that makes great use of your screen real estate to allow you to move and manage your files with ease. By default Q-Dir uses a 4-pane design. You can open any folder on your computer in any of those panes. On top of that, Q-Dir makes a great use of the operating system's drag and drop functionality. I often find myself going back to the desktop to drag files around. I can see that, with Q-Dir that task would be rather easier and faster to complete. You only need to have the desktop open in one pane and the target directory on one of the other three panes. Also, this application is tiny in size, which makes it great for adding it to your portable USB device. It even has an option to make this a portable application on the advanced install screen. Basically, Q-Dir doesn't use any of the system's resources, so you can simply double click the .exe file and it will run greatly. Of course, all the basic features of a File explorer are there and there are even some nice extras. Furthermore, the support for network drives is excellent. And if a network drive should be disconnected, the only application that will crash is Q-Dir, not your whole system.

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