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YAFPC-Appliance 7.03

OS Support:

WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64


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November 7 2011


YAFPC-Appliance 7.03


    The PDF Server YAFPC-Appliance is a browser based management frontend for the PDF-Composer/Printer/Mailer YAFPC. It's coming aggregated with the General-Purpose Appliance System GPAS on a bootable CD in combination with an easy to use installation script.

Once automatically installed, any PC booted from this image can act as a PDF-Printserver which provides an unlimited number of network shared virtual PDF-Printers. The system requirements are low, any older PC can be used. System configuration can be done via a Web browser from any workstation in Your network. Virtual shared PDF Printers can be configured to apply letterheads, watermarks, cover pages and appendixes to all printed documents. After printing a document is sent to its owner by mail, can be accessed in a shared folder on the PDF Server or can be stored to a shared network folder on some other machine. Deployment is very simple:

Download the image -- burn it -- run the installation -- configure the PDF Printers -- and print.

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