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February 6 2010


b2evolution 2.4.2


b2evolution is a free blog tool for the next generation of blogs. Features: - AntiSpam Deluxe.
Effective combination of active and passive antispam measures — including a community shared blacklist — to block comment and referer spam. - Multiple blogs.
Install b2evolution once and use it for 2, 3, 10, 100 or even 1000 blogs at the same time. Each blog can live on a different page, in a different folder, or on a different domain... or you could also chose to display several blogs on the same page. Photoblogs, moblogs, linkblogs ,blogrolls can be added in a snap. - Blog skins.
Skins do not only determine how your blog looks but also how they behave: traditional blog, knowledge base, bug tracker... Additional skins can be easily downloaded and installed. - Multiple users and authors.
Any user can be given permissions to read, write, moderate or fully customize any number of blogs. Complete and detailed permission management is included. - Integrated stats.
b2evo will show you activity graphs for each blog, including robots, RSS readers and browser hits broken down by referrers, searches, direct accesses, self-referred, etc. Also includes search keywords, user logins and more. - Plugin framework.
b2evo's advanced plugin framework allows you to extend the application with virtually any feature you may need... or simply install prebuilt plugins provided by the community. - Advanced categorization.
Each blog can be sub-divided into categories and sub-categories to organize your posts by subject or theme. Posts can be assigned multiple categories, but even more: if you wish posts can be cross-posted among multiple blogs at once. - Localized in several languages.
Many languages packs are available for download. If you can't find your language, use the localization toolkit to easily localize b2evo to your language. - Web standards compliance.
b2evo is so W3C standards compliant that it is used by the W3C itself Additionally, b2evo has an integrated XHTML checker that lets you validate any new content before you post it. - True workflow.
For example: submitters can post drafts, then assign them to an editor who in turn may assign them to reviewers for final approval and publication on the site. Actual workflow, permissions and statuses are all up to you. - Easy install & upgrade.
b2evolution's installer will take care of almost everything. Basically, you only need to give it the name of a MySQL database and you're set. Upgrading is equally simple. Only heavy customizations may require special care when upgrading.

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