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February 6 2010


b. bookmarks 1.5.0


b. is a Web-based manager for Web bookmarks. Bookmarks are stored in an XML file. Operations on the data are done with Perl scripts.Features: Collaborative bookmarks A new and powerful feature is the ability to share bookmarks. These shared bookmarks may be publicly viewed by all, while a certain set of users have the ability to add or change them. These users can also add comments to the shared bookmarks, as in a bulletin-board. The display of the shared bookmarks is highly configurable: one can show extra information associated with a bookmark, such as its popularity, when it was last visited, when it was added, etc. With these new features, b. becomes a collaborative space for sharing discoveries of the Web.

Old-style b. functionality is not lost however: one can still maintain a set of private bookmarks just as before. What's new is the option to exchange bookmarks between the private and shared sets.

Accessible from any Web browser The main advantage for storing your bookmarks on the Web is to have them accessible from any Web browser. b. produces XHTML 1.0 code, doesn't use any Javascript, and is best viewed with a CSS1-compliant browser such as Netscape 6 /Mozilla, Internet Explorer 5 , and Opera 5 .

Bookmark data stored in XML format XML has quickly become an acknowledged standard for the management of data transmitted over the Internet. Its foundation as a markup language like HTML gives it a wide base of users, and its precept of separating data from its display provides XML versatility for the many possible uses of the data.

In a themes/ subdirectory, one can determine the look of b. with CSS stylesheets, custom graphics, and HTML templates. There are more customization options with this new release.

Multi-user b. supports multi-user environments. Using Basic Web Server user authentication (i.e. by password-protecting the b./ directory), only certain users can have access to b.. Each user has his/her own bookmarks and optionally can have his/her own theme, welcome message, etc.

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