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WhatsUp Gold 14.2

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March 23 2010


WhatsUp Gold 14.2


Ipswitch whatsup Gold is a leading network management software solution with over 100,000 networks reliably managed worldwide. Offering automated device discovery and network mapping, real-time network monitoring, and versatile alerting, notification, and reporting functionality, WhatsUp Gold delivers 360 degree visibility, actionable intelligence, and complete control. WhatsUp Gold discovers and maps network-connected assets in minutes using wizards to scan for routers, switches, servers, printers, and other networked devices. All network information is stored in a relational database for rapid, flexible device management and reporting. Leveraging the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), WhatsUp Gold enables proactive monitoring of network devices, services, and systems (including disk, CPU, memory, and interface/bandwidth utilization; Windows and syslog events; and more). WhatsUp Gold comes pre-configured with numerous device and application monitors, and new monitors can be set up and customized with ease. Passive monitors display system states and record data for historical analysis while active monitors offer the added capability to trigger alerts or actions when configurable thresholds are met. Alerts can be delivered via text message, cell phone, audio alarm, etc. Intuitive Windows and Web-based consoles let users visualize their networks, analyze trends, and quickly spot and troubleshoot potential problems. WhatsUp Gold's workspace views, dashboards, and graphs make it easy to investigate issues and provide access to over 150 reports documenting all device, interface, and application related activity. Built on a unique product architecture, WhatsUp Gold scales from the small business to large enterprise, and its functionality is easily extended using available NetFlow and VoIP monitor plug-in modules, so it can grow with the network as it increases in size or complexity. Download a FREE trial now!

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