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Yahadi Web Browser 4

OS Support:

Win98, WinME, Windows2000, WinXP


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November 18 2011


Yahadi Web Browser 4


Profiles System : allows each family member to have his or her own personalized password protected settings. Family members are divided into two groups : Administrators and regular users. Administrators can modify other users accounts and have more control options.- Site Blocking System : This system is the main marketing feature of Yahadi browser, it allows four levels of protection for each family member individually. Parents can either make a white list , black list , block access to the proxy settings or block access to Internet Explorer.- Surf Monitoring : The surf monitoring tools allows the parents to monitor the behaviour and activities of family members individually. They can calculate the total usage time , the cost ,and connect and disconnect times. They can even show and print a report of all of this.- Available in six languages : Arabic-English-French-German-Spanish -Italian- Upgradable : download additional skins - Templates - Languages and software updates

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