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f2w Helpdesk 1.6

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February 6 2010


f2w Helpdesk 1.6


This is a helpdesk support system based on requests, with a simple web interface. Requests can be classified into categories and assigned a priority. Categories are associated with specific well-defined problem areas, and f2w helpdesk provides a way to maintain an expert knowledge base of problems and solutions based on request categories.
This is not the place to look for a system that will help you track every minute of your support technician's time. The emphasis is on quickly identifying problems, assigning them to the best person for the job, and helping that person keep track of what needs to be done. Features: - Zope front-end (for rapid development, easy maintenance) - Your choice of relational DB back-end (whatever Zope supports). - Semi-intelligent search of contacts from a partial name. - Expert-system-like question/answer to categorise requests. - Flexible priority scheme. - Assignment of requests to individuals or teams. - E-mail notification sent to person to whom request is assigned. - Keep working notes on each request, can delete empty notes now. - Maintain knowledge base about each kind of problem. - Attach properties (named general-purpose data fields) to categories, so fields for entering them will appear on requests of that category. These can now be checkboxes or selection lists as well as plain text fields. - Reporting by category, assignee, team, originator, property etc. - E-mail notification to originator of request. - User preference for stylesheet. - User can set an "away until" date, so an operator assigning the requests can know who is available. - Limited localisation of strings (using a folder of translations for each language - "de", "en", "es", "fr", "hu", "it" and "pl" written so far) - Request search by various criteria. - Extract of requests in CSV format, for spreadsheet use. - Restricted access for non-team members. Requirements:


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