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November 20 2011


g-page 2.14


g-page is a client/server program for Unix designed to send text message's to alphanumeric pagers or PCS phones with short messaging, SMS, capabilities.g-page currently supports three protocols: SNPP (simple network paging protocol), SMTP (email), and WCTP (wireless communication transfer protocol). g-page can work on a stand-alone workstation or across a network. The server needs a live Internet connection to dispatch the page.The g-page client requires Gtk , the server requires libghttp and libexpat however does not require an X server and runs well on old hardware with limited ram. Support for the following protocols: - SNPP (simple network paging protocol) - SMTP (email) - WCTP (wireless communication transfer protocol) - One way, 1.5 and 2 way paging are supported for WCTP - Support for canned message replies for 2 way WCTP transmissions - Full 2 way message reply logging for the WCTP protocol Built in redundancy paging - User defined protocol precedence : You can set the order in which g-page will attempt to send the pages - Protocol rollover: If a page fails via one protocol you can have g-page automatically attempt it using a different protocol - Support for sending a carbon copy of every page sent to a receiver to their email for a receiver's message log - Automatic rollover to a local snpp server (for dispatch via the TAP protocol) if a live Internet connection can't be found - Automatic executing of an Internet dial-up script if a live connection can't be found Group paging - Store pre-defined groups in software - Create groups on the fly Message log viewer - View log by receiver name - View pages by date sent - Auto delete logs after X number of days - Set user defined poll every X hours for auto log delete Autosplit of longer pages - If a page is longer than the messaging service allows g-page will automatically spit the page up into smaller consecutive pages Pre-defined messages - You can store and easily enter common messages into the message entry box - Easy access to pre-defined messages by right clicking in message entry box Re-send previous messages - Messages can be resent from the log files by right clicking on the message - The last message sent can be re-entered by right clicking in the message entry box Auto page signature - You can send a message signature automatically with every page, you can send the signature before or after the message - You can send a time stamp out on every page Scheduled paging - Pages can be entered and marked to go out at any time in the future - Schedule recurring pages to be sent hourly, daily or weekly Auto-Page - You can automatically execute a user-defined script and pipe the output of that script into a file for g-page to send out as a page - Set recurring times for g-page to execute autopage, hourly, daily, or every X minutes. - Define files for g-page to send out that are created by other applications. - G-Page can be setup to look for new files every X seconds - Parse up to 4 different fields from a file to automatically send out as a page - Store multiple "autopage profiles" to easily modify your autopage settings - Run autopage as a daemon without an X server. This allows you to put it into your startup scripts if desired Command Line Paging - You can send a page from the command line by starting the g-page client with the pager name and message as arguments Support for multiple databases - You can easily change the database you are using by selecting a different location for g-page to read the data. - You can read from a local database or a network database - G-page and convert a network database to be your local database, or auto refresh it every X minutes - Backup and restore database functions

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