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PHP Formatter Tool 1.0

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February 6 2010


PHP Formatter Tool 1.0


PHP Formatter tool reorganizes PHP source text files to neatly indent code blocks according to their nesting level, regardless of the original source formatting and line breaks. It is a member of SD's family of Source Code Formatters. PHP Formatter Features - Formatted code compiles and executes exactly like unformatted code - Complete syntax check of formatted source code; discovers syntax errors before exposing them on the web - Specification of indentation step distance - Specification of arbitrary input tab column positions - Complete control of location of code block braces { ... } - Option to indent code blocks - Option to insert line breaks in expressions at &&, || and ? : - Option to insert line breaks in expressions at concatenation (".") operations - Option to format HTML in PHP page - Output encoding in ASCII, European ASCII, or UNICODE - A version can optionally obfuscate the code to make it very difficult to understand by scrambling the source. - PHP4 and PHP5 versions

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