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w3btorrent 0.1.3

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February 6 2010


w3btorrent 0.1.3


w3btorrent is a simple and light web based php torrent client. It let you control your torrents. Such as view torrent status, decide down/up speed, download finish files, WAP control and more! Using your favorite web browser from anywhere! Features:- Install within 1 minute with online installer!
- Torrents continues even when you logout or close browser.
- Simple and light.
- C torrent client. (edited Enhanced CTorrent version)
- No need of database.
- Online configuration.
- Online log.
- WAP, start/stop torrents from your cellphone.
- Fast Ajax browsing.
- Upload or download torrent files to server with URL or file upload.
- View status, start, stop, delete torrents.
- Single user.
- Browse downloaded files easy.
- Rich archive support, both compress and decompress.
- WGET support. Type a URL and download it, no need to open terminal.

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