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B-JVM-Jasmin 0.02

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February 6 2010


B-JVM-Jasmin 0.02


This module, B::JVM::jasmin and the accompanying small program, perljvm (which uses B::JVM::Jasmin) implements a Perl to Java Virtual Machine compiler.The key ways that this is done is through (a) use of of B::* modules that come with perl and (b) with the Jasmin JVM assembler.Currently, only a small subset of Perl is support on the JVM. However, this module is under active, full-time development by at least one person. Thus, expect frequent releases and support being added for new features all the time.This module may not be for you. If you just want to make Perl and Java code play together nicely, you probably want JPL. This software is for you if you want to run Perl code directly on the JVM, and is only useful if you can tolerate spotty support for a lot of Perl's features.

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