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F-IN-BOX 1.0

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February 6 2010


F-IN-BOX 1.0


F-IN-BOX is a .NET component to enhance Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX features. It does not use its own engine to display movies but provide a wrapper around official swflash.ocx/flash.ocx code instead. Thus it is possible to avoid certain Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX limitations.Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 are supported.It is known fact that the Flash Player ActiveX is able to load movies at certain URLs only. You have to save the movie to a temporary location from your application's resource before you can load it. You'll have to generate a corresponding link that you can pass to the Flash Player ActiveX and then delete the movie after. You'll have to admit that this is extremely inconvenient. Apart from being inconvenient there is a chance you'll fail when you try to create a temporary file if you don't have the appropriate permission or don't have access to a temporary folder. It is definitely not an appropriate approach when security is an issue since your movie can be easily intercepted. There is a solution! F-IN-BOX uses a different approach of swflash.ocx/flash.ocx code loading. It is able to load your movies directly to the Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX thereby avoiding the temporary file step. The advantages are pretty obvious. And you can also protect your movies from unauthorized access using your favourite software protection application.Using the component you can load any flash movie from memory directly. Just use the LoadMovieFromStream and PutMovieFromStream methods. No temporary files! Load any movie on-the-fly from any supported source. For example, you can put one or more flash movies in the resource section of your application and then load it from the exe! That's the portability and power of F-IN-BOX!

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