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J-Painter 1.0

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November 21 2011


J-Painter 1.0


J-Painter is an image editor that allows drawing within a browser. The image can be saved to the server in PNG, JPEG, GIF image formats. The editor can be easy configured for many applications: - Draw a sketch - Draw a road map - Annotate a photo - Paint a greeting card - Draw a diagram - Medicine drawing The editor consists of 7 Java applets: Draw canvas, Tool panel, Color panel, etc., which work together. Each component can be separately placed, resized, and configured at a web page. Using HTML you can set up your custom clip arts, define any number of drawing colors, rearrange the tool buttons or hide any button at all. The editor is compatible with Javatm 1.1 (and later), and successfully tested on most popular browsers on Windows and Mac platforms (IE, Firefox, Safari).The editor is a lightweight component (only 74Kb) and doesn't communicate with the server during the drawing session, that ensures its good performance.

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