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NagEdit and NagView 1.0RC3

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February 6 2010


NagEdit and NagView 1.0RC3


This software contains two main PHP files: - nagedit.php alias index.php, contains a editor for changing the Nagios configuration - nagview.php, can be used to display Nagios results and configuration. Installation of the software should be easy through the usage of the installer. Still you have to do some things yourself. The nagios etc directory must be writeable by the webserver group. The webserver user must be able to run nagios. Required for pre-flight checks. The webserver must be able to write in directroy where NagEdit is installed. Should not be a problem because it is also required by the installer.NagEdit also supports configurations for NagiosGrapher which is a good tool is you want nice graphs. NagView is build using the TinyButStrong Template Engine.

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