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T1CFreeImage 0.95

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February 6 2010


T1CFreeImage 0.95


T1CFreeImage is a simple ATL component that creates PNG images on the fly. It draws lines and texts with a selected color and saves the rendered image to a file. The component can be used with ASP, Word, Excel and any other applications that support ActiveX. It's supplied with full source code that you can easily extend with your own functions and use new versions of libraries as they become available. If you want to build T1CFreeImage ActiveX component yourself, you will need to compile libraries (gd, libpng, zlib) first and then compile T1CfreeImage source files. To compile the libraries you need to create three subdirectories (gd, libpng, zlib) in your project home directory tree. - gd directory: It's necessary to download the source code of graphics library that creates images, draws graphic primitives and writes images to a file. The latest version can be downloaded from homepage After the download you will need to unzip and move all source files (including some subdirectories) to gd directory. This library was developed by Thomas Boutell. - Libpng directory. This library has a number of functions for working with PNG image files. The latest version can be downloaded from FreeSoftware web site: homepage - zlib directory. Zlib library is used for PNG image compression. You can download it from homepage - T1CFreeImage directory. This is for T1CfreeImage ActiveX component itself.

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