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uatracker 1.0

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February 6 2010


uatracker 1.0


Basicly this will be a very scalable torrent-tracker written entirely in PHP to create a new standard on how a tracker code should look like. Currently we do not have an ETA yet regarding when the tracker-beta is due to be released, but be sure to check in ever so often. The tracker is a from-scratch written project in the footsteps of the great creation of Bram Cohen and the old TB team who created a genuine tracker which is now since long out-dated and insecure. We are coding a new modular, functional CMS with forum, tracker, blog, poll, RSS feeds for use with .torrent files, and alot other features. Our goals are the following: - Easy to use. - Easy to install. - Secure. That means: no XSS-attacks. No uploading of files that arent meant of being uploaded. No SQL-injection. And whatever attack a possible attacker can come to think of. - Advanced cheat detection. - Modular, you will be able to change the appearance of the tracker easily. You will be able to add or change appearence of functions (if visible to user). You will also be able set behaviour of functions. And choose weither or not you want to use a particular function. Adding new functions will also be very easy. - Ability to convert data from other trackers to the way be built our database.

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