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w3 Image 2.0

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February 6 2010


w3 Image 2.0


The main purpose of w3 Image is to generate and/or manipulate images. w3 Image is suitable for: - Creating diagrams displaying data from your database - Creating headings and buttons as images - Automatic generation of thumbnails - Creating signed images - Color converting - Image analysis - Transforming images - Converting between different image formats - Performing the most common drawing operations Features: - w3Image is now fully capable of loading and streaming any of the supported image formats. This by using the LoadImageFromStream and the StreamImage method. - Support of the WBMP format in all import and export methods. WBMP files is very useful when creating mobile applications and scripts. - Support of loading images from an url location. - Transformation methods are added such as Greyscale, Threshold and invertion of images using the Negative method. - w3Image is extended with lighting operations such as Brightness, Contrast and manipulation of individual intensity by using the ShiftRGB method. - Version property is added to receive the version string of the dll file. - The RotateCenter is an extended version of the rotate method. The method rotates the image at the center of the picture and resizes the image if neccessary. The method is very fast and using different types of interpolation methods. - w3Image has rebuilt the import functions to inherit the transparency of the loaded image. The export of 32 bit PNG images is changed to use the alpha channel in a more proper way.

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