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Jabber Feed 0.4

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February 6 2010


Jabber Feed 0.4


This causes everyone subscribed to the node to be notified through Jabber of new content.

It enables also to do the same with comments on separated xmpp pubsub nodes, so that readers can also subscribe and get notified about new comments of a specific post only if prefered.


Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Key features "Jabber Feed":

Connection with SRV records, TLS if available and known authentication mechanisms (in this order of preference): Digest-MD5, CramMD5, PLAIN, ANONYMOUS.
Posts are published on the subnode posts/ of the given pubsub node;
Comments are published on the subnode comments/ with being the id of the corresponding post;
Posts, as well as comments, are deleted automatically from the associated pubsub nodes if you delete them, disapprove them, or flag them as spam from the Wordpress website;
Posts, as well as comments, are updated automatically on the associated pubsub nodes if you edit them on your Wordpress website;
Autodiscover xmpp link for all posts is automatically set on all pages, except single posts (if the 'wp_head' function is used by your theme, which is the common procedure);
Autodiscover xmpp link for comments of the current post is automatically set on each single post (if the 'wp_head' function is used by your theme, which is the common procedure);
2 templates functions for returning or displaying different xmpp links are provided for your themes.

WordPress 2.0 or higher

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