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OASIS 2.3b

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November 24 2011


OASIS 2.3b


Oasis is a high-performance ad server built using PHP on top of MySQL.It is designed to handle many hundreds of thousands of ad Impressions per hour. On moderately capable hardware, it is capable of serving in the neigborhood of 500,000 impressions per hour. Simplicity of campaign/creative management and ease of use were top considerations in the design of OASIS.
Features: - multiple serving modes -- IMG-based (for a standalone ad server) embedded tags (if you're running OASIS on your regular Web server), IFRAME/ILAYER tags, and JavaScript-based tags - ability to serve "rich media" creatives - dual interfaces, one for admins and one for ad execs; the admin interface is higher-powered, but the ad exec version is much better for novice users. It is foolproof enough that you can actually let your ad execs onto the system (something which we never felt we could do with our proprietary ad serving system). - simple scheduling -- start date, end date, number of impressions (if no impressions specified, ad runs as a house ad, getting only "leftover" inventory"), weighting of house campaigns - campaigns can be set to run on certain days of the week or certain hours of the day - full support for third-party ad serving, including cache-busting mechanisms - hierarchical section management; sub-sections inherit campaigns and creatives from parent sections, even as these sections are added and removed (of course, no section with assigned campaigns can be removed) - simple section assignment for campaigns -- just stick a campaign on any section in the hierarchy, and it will propogate to all sub-sections. A campaign can also be removed from sections, overriding the higher-up assignment - exclusive assignments -- a campaign can be assigned to a section as an "exclusive" and no other campaigns will be allowed to run on that section - Publisher support: build ad networks or run an ASP, with full invoicing support - Impression capping: set limits on the number of impressions to be delivered to a user within a specific timeframe - Companion sections: prevent the same creative from appearing twice on a page - invoicing support - cost per click, CPM, fixed-rate campaigns; For each campaign, you can record: - agency commissions - PO numbers - whether invoices have been sent - whether invoices have been paid - generate a single PDF file with multiple invoices for simple printing - creatives can have their own start and end dates - creatives can have section assignments that override those set by their campaigns - creatives can have their own day of week, hour of day settings - full real-time monitoring of the delivery engine - up-to-the-hour reporting - email reporting

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