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F-Secure Internet Security 2009

OS Support:

Windows2000, WinXP, Win Vista


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September 3 2008


F-Secure Internet Security 2009


All-in-one Internet Security solution for your online lifeF-Secure® Internet Security™ 2009 provides complete and easy-to-use protection against all Internet threats, whether they are known or previously unidentified. It includes an award-winning antivirus, powerful antispyware, and a personal firewall. F-Secure Internet Security 2009 also contains updated DeepGuard™ 2.0 technology with network-enabled pre-recognition of malicious software, reducing unnecessary user prompts and enabling lightning-fast protection against virus outbreaks. In addition, Internet Security filters spam and so-called phishing attempts from your eMail. The Parental Control feature allows you to easily block access to websites with questionable content.F-Secure Internet Security 2009:* Protects your computer against all types of malicious software. Internet Security offers automatically updated virus protection from the world-renowned F-Secure Data Security Laboratory. F-Secure DeepGuard 2.0 protects you against unknown future threats, so you can safely use your computer, now and tomorrow.* Detects and removes spyware from your computer. Internet Security removes secretly installed software from your computer ensuring that your system is running smoothly and clean of spyware.* Protects your computer against hackers. Internet Security lets you keep your private data to yourself, thanks to the cutting-edge personal firewall that stops hackers from breaking into your computer.* Helps you stay free from spam eMail and phishing attempts. Internet Security automatically detects and filters spam and eMail schemes designed to steal your private information.* Protects your children against unwanted Internet content. Internet Security makes sure your children do not enter questionable sites or surf the Internet when you are not around.


Windows Vista with 512 MB of memory | Win2000/XP with 256 MB of memory | Internet connection

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