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Lizard Flashguard Flash Security 1.1.6

OS Support:

WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003, Win Vista


Publisher Old version


May 8 2009


Lizard Flashguard Flash Security 1.1.6


Lizard Flashguard Flash Security is for companies that publish or sell flash files (SWF files) who need to ensure complete protection of their intellectual property. It prevents decompiling of Adobe flash files and controls what users can do with the displayed content. The source files (FLA files - multimedia objects, images and scripts that make up an SWF file) are always protected against editing and use.It protects flash files from unauthorized viewing, copying, sharing, modifying, printing (including how many times), and saving in unprotected form, with US Government strength encryption and DRM Digital Rights Management controls. Prevent unauthorized distribution. Control the number of views and prints or disallow printing altogether. Stop screenshots from being taken. Control when flash files expire (if at all) and instantly revoke them.Lizard Flashguard protects the underlying source code (scripts, images, multimedia) and the displayed content ensuring complete protection of both form and format.Unlike obfuscation products, Lizard Flashguard completely encrypts the source code (with AES 256 bit encryption) preventing programs decompiling your SWF files to FLA files. Your source code is not altered in any way, ensuring your flash files continue working as before they were protected. Content is only ever decrypted in memory and your nested scripts, objects, images, and animation are fully secured at all times. Lizard Flashguard ensures the best DRM security for your flash files. Your secure flash files are locked to individual computers and cannot be shared. Unlike weak and unmanageable password mechanisms Lizard Flashguard uses public key technology with strong AES 256 bit encryption, DRM (digital rights management) controls, and a real-time web based licensing system. There are no passwords to send, enter, manage, forget, or pass onto others.


PIII or greater with 512MB RAM

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