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W3Perl 3.0.2

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February 6 2010


W3Perl 3.0.2


The purpose of this package is to produce easy to understand and powerful website statistical reports. It can be easily configured from a web interface. A wide range of stats can be produced by W3Perl. Several levels are available from the single page offering the very basic stats to the highest details with hundred of reports. Features: - Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly output - Countries, hosts, pages, directories, trafic, domain... stats - Referer and agent statistics - Error stats - Scripts stats - Login stats for restricted directories New features in v3.02 :

- Windows Installer for Abyss Web Server
- Document stats show user's account stats (size, file, bad links)
- "Page tag" available if you do not have logfile access
- Error status code have their own report page now.

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