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Ubee512 4.7.0

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July 1 2010


Ubee512 4.7.0


uBee512 is an emulator for the Microbee Z80 series of microcomputers. Emulation of all ROM, Floppy and Hard disk based models, including 512K and 2MB extended memory is supported. The display may use SDL or OpenGL video rendering. Emulation includes Premium and Standard model graphics and sound, Z80 PIO emulation of tape, sound, RTC, serial to PC RS232, printer and Mouse peripherals support. A wide range of disk image types are supported as well as direct floppy disk read/write. In addition, each user will have the possibility to use a joystick and optionally map it to keys.

· Full Premium (Alpha ) model graphics support. 32K PCG, 8K Screen, 8K Colour and 8K Attribute RAM.
· Premium (Alpha ) emulation of the hardware inverse and flashing video defined in attribute RAM.
· Teleterm 256TC emulation.
· 56/64/128/256/512K RAM/DRAM emulation.
· ROM based (tape only) models emulation.
· Specific disk emulations for 512K, 256K, 128K, and 64K models using Premium/Standard graphics, and the 56K RAM model.
· Selectable display aspect ratios 2:1 and 1:1
· Speaker sound emulation.
· PIO with interrupts emulated.
· RS232 Serial communications for TX/RX.
· Parallel printer output to file(s) options.
· Tape in and Tape out from/to wave files.
· Real Time Clock (RTC) emulation.
· Fully mapped 6545 and 256TC keyboard, emulates all keys correctly and key repeating works at correct speed.
· All 6545 cursor modes supported.
· Screen is resized to suit the current 6545 registers.
· Various disk images supported and has read/write capability for drives A-D.
· Speed execution accuracy and regulation is excellent and very fast in turbo mode and even faster if specifying the XTAL frequency to a high value.
· Default speed of emulation is 3.375 MHz but the target frequency can also be specified as a command line option.
· CRTC for the VBLANK status is much improved, important for key repeat speed and many games.
· Optional colour and monochrome monitor types: colour, green, amber, white and black.
· Standard Microbee emulation option for backwards compatibility. (i.e. No Premium graphics)
· Full screen mode.
· Emulator 'hacking' options.

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