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Mozilla Firefox 10

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Windows 7,Windows XP/Vista/2003/2008


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December 22 2011


Mozilla Firefox 10


Mozilla Firefox 10 is with super speed, real world performance, more advanced security than ever before.

Over the years, Mozilla Firefox development plan formulated by general principles: every one to two years, a major upgrad for the function of Firefox will come, through regular security upgrade for Firefox to gradually increase the new features. Such firefox upgrade will gradually increase the new features every 6 weeks.

Firefox 10 will be the next but one stable release of the web browser. There is not much in firefox 10, noting to get excited about. discovered additional under the hood changes in the new browser version. The Customize option that allows Firefox users to drag and drop interface elements to another location is now highlighting screen elements that cannot be moved around.

What's New in Firefox 10?
new interface
forward button is now hidden by default
anti-aliasing for WebGL
new CSS Style Inspector
Fixed several security issues
Fixed several stability issues

Firefox 10 will bring together all kinds of awesomeness to make browsing better for you.

Sections about Mozilla Firefox 10:

Mozilla Firefox 10 Desktop Version

Mozilla Firefox support different desktop platforms. Mozilla Firefox Desktop Version is great which support on Windows, Mac OS x, Linux (ubuntu). To install the latest official firefox, one need to know the firefox system requirement, for example, firefox 10 compatible with windows 7 You can check out firefox on your platform from here.

Mozilla Firefox 10 Mobile Version

Mozilla Firefox Mobile Version is all for mobile devices. Firefox for smartphones and tablets are mainly for android, iOS , blackberry, windows phone. Want to know if your smartphone can download and install Mozilla Firefox and other issue, especially firefox for android and firefox home for iPhone users.Here are some Mozilla Firefox Mobile Version support for you to refer.

Mozilla Firefox 10 Install & Uninstall

For those who don't know how to install firefox on desktop, android smartphones, iPhone, iPad, iPouch touch, blackberry, just refer to below. Mozilla Firefox installation is easy. Installing a new version of Firefox 10 will cover the existing Firefox. Install firefox on windows, mac, linux, android smartphones, iPhone, iPad, iPod is enabled.

Mozilla Firefox 10 Update

Do you know how to update Mozilla Firefox 10? Firefox automatically or manually updates on desktop or mobile devices, and other update option settings. There are many things need to be updated once the Firefo update is done, the adds-on, themes, java, flash player update for firefox etc are needed too. Check Mozilla Firefox update issue below.

Mozilla Firefox 10 Using Tips

Every firefox update will bring much more new features, just like the firefox 10. Here are some useful mozilla firefox using tips and guide, like firefox customize, and advanced setting for firefox. You can find here various Techniques in using firefox for desk or mobile. Check them to enjoy the convenience and advantages that firefox brings to you.

Mozilla Firefox 10 Bug Fixing

while using Mozilla Firefox 10, you also will suffer from various issue and bugs which are very annoying, such Poorly designed or incompatible extensions problems with firefox, firefox crash on desktop, mobile firefox uninstall. Here are Firefox normal problems and solutions for you to refer.

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