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Dev-C++ Portable RC 6 /

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February 19 2012


Dev-C++ Portable RC 6 /


Dev-C++ Portable is the portable version of Dev-C++. It has all the features that come with Dev-C++, but the difference is that you can directly run it from an external device, without having to install it.

The small and free application supports several languages, and you can choose one when you first launch Dev-C++, as well as a theme.

The user interface is simple for programmers (in comparison with newer and more complex programming platforms), but if you are new to this environment, you'll find it hard to work with if you have no kind of programming skills.

The help file ONLY offers information on the navigational aspects of Dev-C++, so if you want to learn how to program in C/C++, you'd better get yourself some tutorials.

In Dev-C++ you can create a new source file, resource file, or project. After you have finished writing the code, save the file, debug it, and create an executable file.

In addition, Dev-C++ can retrieve information from header files to help you easily find functions, classes and variables, thanks to a class browser and a code completion list, but also create a cache of the standard header files.

You have the option of searching for a specific function, line or text within the code, by enabling case sensitive or whole words only, forward or backward, global or only selected Scope. Plus, you can create a to-do list (for the current file or for all files), check code syntax, toggle breakpoint, and others. Code can be exported to HTML or RTF.

Dev-C++ takes little time to compile an executable file, while using a small amount of CPU and memory resources.

So, if you want to always be able to write code, no matter where you are (like a true programmer would think), then Dev-C++ Portable is one of the simplest solutions you have at hand.

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