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Jabber Pseudo Invisibility 0.3.4

OS Support:

Windows XP, Vista, 7


Publisher Old version


March 7 2012


Jabber Pseudo Invisibility 0.3.4


    Jabber Pseudo Invisibility adds a Pseudo Invisible status to all Jabber / XMPP accounts. When you’re pseudo invisible you appear online in some of your buddies’s buddy list and offline to all other. You only appear as online to your buddies in Best Friends group.

When you change your status to pseudo invisible, the plugin sends a presence unavailable to all buddies not in Best Friends group and every time one of them sends you a presence Stanza, the plugin replies with a presence unavailable so that you result always offline.

It should be something similar to privacy list (just move a buddy to Best Friends group in buddy list to make her/him receive your real status) but much less reliable and much more cheatable.

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