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qBittorrent 2.9.11

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July 5 2012


qBittorrent 2.9.11


qBittorrent is an advanced BitTorrent client that will assist you in finding and downloading any kind of content from torrent websites. An advantage of using this application is the fact that it will give you the opportunity to easily create ".torrent" files in order to share local data.

The interface is simple and fully customizable, therefore, any user will be able to manage it. You can easily change the language, use alternating row colors on your transfer list, adjust connection settings and many other things. Your transfers can be displayed according to their status that can either be downloading, completed, paused, active or inactive.

This BitTorrent client will help you find and download any "torrents" you need from torrent webpages in a fast and easy way. You can choose to pre-locate disk space for all files and keep the incomplete torrents in an assigned location. The program can be set to alert you with an e-mail once the download is finished.

You will be able to download your ".torrent" files in any order you want, by simply right-clicking on the file and setting its status.

In order to create your own torrent file, select the files and folders you want to share, provide a tracker URL and click on “Create and save” button.

This application will also bring you a unique feature: a built-in search engine. You will be able to find any ".torrent" file you are looking for on many well-known torrent web sites through this handy tool.

You will be able to block other users from accessing the program by simply entering a password.

Therefore, it's worth trying qBittorrent, a free and effective download manager that will help you find and download any file from popular torrent websites.

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