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AudioCoder 0.8.15

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December 2 2012


AudioCoder 0.8.15


AudioCoder is able to convert your favorite songs files compressing them.

This program, formally named MediaCoder Audio Edition, can do up to eight concurrent tasks. It supports fast 2-pass audio normalization. This technique, based on the ReplayGain calculation algorithm, perfectly keeps the transcoded audio at the same average volume level than the original one.

When you run the program, it will put a tiny icon into the system bar. Right-clicking on that icon you will have access to the context menu. You can choose to show the program´s interface, start, stop or pause the transcoding process or skip the current job. In the interface you will be able to select the audio files to convert, building a list that can be transcoded in a batch process. By clicking on each file, the program will show you the properties of each song, such as the benchmark, WMA, bitrate, duration and name. You can then choose the properties you will like to give to the generated files, by modifying the Audio, Sound, Tasking, Automation, Plugins, Codec and Time parameters. The user can define where does he/she wants the program to save the newly generated files.

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