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3D Clipboard

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December 11 2012


3D Clipboard


3D Clipboard can extend the standard Windows clipboard by keeping track of the items you copy. Thus, you will be able to retrieve any of the stored elements instead of just the last one you copied.

The program runs from the System Tray, and it can be set to start along with the system. Every time you copy something to the clipboard, the item will be stored as a menu entry that you can access via the corresponding icon, but if you find that the System Tray procedure is too bothersome, you can use hotkeys instead. In addition to allowing you to show the list of last copied items, the System Tray icon also lets you configure the program’s options.

If there are some items that you currently use, you can create “stickies” or permanent entries. This means that they will not disappear to make room for new items. Another possibility is to create templates, which can be applied for commonly used text items. In addition, differently from the system’s clipboard, 3D Clipboard lets you edit the stored items.

Perhaps the most versatile feature included in this application is actions. They will allow you to write code pieces to manipulate the stored items. By default, some actions let you change a text to either lowercase or uppercase, open stored URLs or trim the item. However, new actions can be written from scratch or downloaded from the program’s forum. You can even share your actions with others the same way.

In general, 3D Clipboard is a fine application. However, beginners, or even standard users, may find that the program’s procedures are much more difficult than the copy-then-paste actions available from the system.

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