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Atomic Mail Verifier

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December 25 2012


Atomic Mail Verifier


Atomic Mail Verifier (AMV) is a unique program that checks email addresses for validity.

Unlike other email verification programs, our email verifier uses three levels of verification to ensure that you will never lose any valid email address.

After you load your mailing list or paste in email addresses for validation, AMV begins to verify the addresses. All addresses are checked in multithread mode to speed up the entire process. Three steps of verification include:

- Email address syntax check. AMV marks invalid addresses such as, kate!@$aol,com, etc.
- Availability of the domain of email address. AMV checks the availability of the domain: i. e., it marks valid such addresses as or, and marks nonexistent domains as invalid.
- Existence of email addresses on their mail servers. AMV tries to establish an SMTP connection with the mail server and tests the addresses. Please make sure Port 25 is opened.

To verify each email address in the list, you may complete all of these steps, or only some of them.

For example, if you have a huge mailing list with hundreds of thousands of addresses, then you only need to run the first two steps, because checking each address on its mail server takes time. This type of mailing list verification usually removes one-third of all "bad" addresses.

If your mailing list has several thousand email addresses, then you may complete all the steps of verification. All three steps guarantee the removal of most nonexistent or invalid addresses.

Atomic Email Verifier is fully integrated with other Atomic e-marketing tools.

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