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Avira Professional Security

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January 13 2013


Avira Professional Security


Avira Professional Security is an anti-virus protection program. Not only can it perform system scans and quarantine suspicious files, it also has its own firewall and a very customizable security level. It also offers Realtime protection, meaning that every time you interact with a suspicious file the program will notify you and you can take action against it or choose to ignore it.

After installing the program I did a full system scan and I found out I had many viruses in my computer. The most predominant virus was Jeefo.A and apparently I also had a lot of spyware. Unlike other similar anti-virus programs I've used in the past, Avira Professional Security did a very fast job at repairing the infected files. Also unlike other programs the repair process didn't affect the infected program that much. I've had bad experiences in the past where I repaired a program and it ceased to work, Avira Professional Security however did a very good job in this regard. The Realtime protection feature is also a good addition, and if the notifications start annoying you after a while you can disable them in the configuration menu.

The program's design is very well done. All the functions are positioned in the main window, with a on/off button and a configuration button right next to them. The Firewall is also a nice tool within this program. You can add exceptions to it, you can choose a security level and you can also see a live transfer status. The firewall also has the option to block all connections.

Avira Professional Security has a Scheduler where you can schedule several actions which can be set to a certain interval or just a one time action. Here you also have the option to have your computer shut down after completing a scheduled task. Lastly the program has Report and Events sections where you can keep track of what has been modified, repaired and quarantined.

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