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December 4 2012




ChicaPC-Shield offers to protect your PC from malware. It will allow you to scan your computer for viruses. Equally, it will provide real-time defenses by detecting unwanted application activities and blocking access to dangerous websites.
Its operation is easily done thanks to an intuitive interface. Different tabs will let you easily perform actions such as scanning, configuring protection, updating the virus database and accessing the quarantine lists. In this respect, ChicaPC-Shield is not very different from other antivirus programs, so if you are familiar with them, you will probably find no difficulty using it.
Writing a review of anti-malware applications is not an easy task because the real advantages of this type of software are based on the capability to block malware threats. In fact, antivirus programs are regularly tested by expert labs. So, my first task was to do some research to know what these labs say about it. The results of my web search showed that this program is not usually included in these tests, which means it is not regarded one of the best. However, I thought this application deserved a try and consequently, I tested its capabilities on my computer, which was already protected by major antivirus software. To my surprise, ChicaPC-Shield successfully detected and eliminated more than five Trojans. ChicaPC-Shield virus detection is based on a comprehensive virus database that is regularly updated. It also includes a very quick scan. In addition, systematic scans can be scheduled to run at the most convenient time.
Finally, I would not advice using ChicaPC-Shield as the only malware protection. Instead, you can take advantage of its capability to run alongside other antivirus software without causing any interference.

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