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DBxtra 7.1.1

OS Support:

Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Vista64 / 7


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January 20 2013


DBxtra 7.1.1


DBxtra is a performant and reliable application which helps users to create / connect to databases and start working with their tables and add new queries.

You can design queries, reports, charts, data grids and pivot tables. Deploy reports to a physical file, which end-users can open with the DBxtra.

If you need advanced security, easier installation and deployment there's also the Report Web Service where end-users can view secured reports with any web browser.

As a report creator, you’ll benefit from a complete set of layout and design controls to create formatted, interactive and professional-looking interactive reports.

DBxtra can address any report formatting and layout requirement by your company and makes it easy to design almost any report. A complete set of design controls offer the flexibility to give your reports a professional and pixel-perfect appearance.

main features:

Connect to your data:

  • Connect to almost any database like MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Pervasive, DB2, Excel, text files and through ODBC or OLEDB.
  • Have access to all database objects like tables, views and stored procedures.
  • Once a data connection was established it will always be accessible from within DBxtra.
  • Organize your reports with projects and folders.

    Create Queries without SQL knowledge:
  • The visual query builder lets you build complex SQL queries in drag and drop mode, without the need to write any SQL code.
  • Create queries from connected database tables and views and also from designed DBxtra objects or by mixing both.
  • Power users can also write their own SQL syntax or copy-paste their queries in the SQL pane.
  • Create heterogeneous queries from two or more different databases.
  • Assign unlimited expressions supported by the connected database.
  • Convert database field types with the expression converter.
  • Assign groups and aggregate functions like SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN, etc.
  • Apply filter criteria.
  • Apply data sorting.
  • Define runtime parameter queries, reports and charts - end users can specify parameters when running reports.

    View your data in the Data Grid:
  • Use the data grid for a simple preview of your data or build a customized data view.
  • Sort and group by unlimited fields.
  • Change column orders and width by simply dragging and dropping.
  • Add unlimited drill down data grid views.
  • Filter and save filters for quick access.
  • Search for specific data.
  • Select rows and columns to copy data.
  • Export filtered data to text, CSV, XML and Excel.
  • Save your favorite data grid views for quick access.

    View your data in the Pivot Grid:
  • Design pivot grid views.
  • Let the end user model his own pivot grids.
  • Export pivot data to text, CSV, XML and Excel.
  • Save your favorite pivot grid views for quick access.
  • Embed pivot grids into report.

    Design even the most complex Reports in Minutes:
  • Quickly create great looking reports.
  • Design report dashboards by embedding reports and charts into a single report.
  • Insert unlimited groups.
  • Use the total wizard to enter report and group totals.
  • Insert data tables.
  • Add additional data sources to your report.
  • Create bound and unbound sub reports and charts.
  • Define report formatting with almost no limitation
  • Assign one-click quick formatting.
  • Define and save styles to apply with just one click.
  • Insert pictures, barcodes, page information, rich text fields, shapes and lines.

    Design Charts:
  • Design charts with the quick or advanced chart wizard.
  • A wide variety of charts like bar, pie, point, line, doughnut, etc. are supported.
  • Embed multiple charts into reports.
  • Fine tune charts just as you need them.

    Export and E-mail Reports:
  • Export your reports to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, CSV, Image files and XML.
  • Send E-mails attaching reports and charts with a single click.
  • Export to a live connected Excel sheet and live connected pivot table .

    Report Deployment:
  • Save reports to a file location. End-users can open any DBxtra report with the Free Desktop Report Viewer.
  • Set up a centralized and secured report repository with the Report Web Service and automatically deploy Information to end-users.

    User Security Settings:
  • Define user group and users .
  • Assign privileges to user groups.


  • 1Ghz Processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 80 MB available space on hard disk drive
  • NET Framework 3.0 (or higher)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact


  • 30 days trial
  • The Restore options is not available
  • Nag screen

    What's new in :

    New features:

  • Added users with Viewer privileges, that can log in into the Designer, but can't edit reports.

    Bugs fixed:
  • MySQL connections didn't take the Connection Timeout parameter.
  • Exporting to CSV from the Report Web Service caused an error if the exported object was a Stored procedure with date (Datetime) parameters.
  • If no band or chart was selected and you opened the Advanced Chart Editor DBxtra threw errors.
  • The DBxtra Web Server was not accessible from outside computers if it was running on a Windows XP computer.
  • Better performance on slow connections for the Designer.

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