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Image Cartoonizer 2.7

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January 9 2013


Image Cartoonizer 2.7


Image Cartoonizer lets you apply cartoon effects to your images and photos. It allows you to choose among fourteen artistic effects, including charcoal drawing, caricature, and sketch, among others. With this program you can apply the same effect to many photos in batch mode, and it also allows you to apply some basic photo editing to your source files before applying the cartoon effects.

With an intuitive and functional user interface, this program will let you apply a specific effect to many photos in a few easy steps. It allows you to add to the conversion list all the photos or image files you want to apply an effect to. You may also delete individual elements and even clear the entire list with a simple click. Then, you can select an output folder, and choose the effect to apply, which is made on a separate window.

As stated earlier, optionally, and before selecting the effect, you can apply some basic video editing functions to each source file individually. This takes place on a separate window, too. Those editing tasks include cropping your images and adjusting their color balance, brightness, and contrast. Once you are totally satisfied with the results, you can apply and save those changes and close this window.

Finally, you can start the cartoonization process from the same window where you chose your desired effect. I should mention that, due to its nature, it takes a long time for the program to complete the task, especially if you are working with large and/or numerous files. Therefore, if you want to apply a cartoon effect to many files at once, just wait patiently to see the results.

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