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Infix PDF Editor 5.2.6

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December 18 2012


Infix PDF Editor 5.2.6


Infix PDF Editor is intended to create and make changes to PDF files. The program has an intuitive interface, and in general, the process of editing documents is not very different from using Microsoft Word. It even has such tools as rulers, tabs, search-and- replace functions and spell checking. In order to help you keep track of the modifications you make, the program highlights all the changes in a different color.

The program can be used in three different modes. The form-filling mode is exclusively intented to help you fill out forms in PDF documents. Therefore, it does not let create new documents or perform other types of editing actions.

The standard mode provides those tools that are necessary for everyday editing tasks. Moreover, it allows you to add comments to the original documents and correct texts retrieved by OCR. However, it does not support importing a document directly from a scanner because it does not include OCR features.

The professional mode allows you to perform advanced editing tasks. It can even export PDF to CAT tools and import the translated version back. You can also use it if you need to find and replace a given text from a set of documents, renumber pages or edit pages and footers.

In addition, this program installs a PDF-printer driver, which you can use to export files from any application that supports printing. The converted PDF files can be opened with this editor to make any changes. Reversely, the program allows you to convert PDF documents to HTML, RTF and text files.

In general, Infix PDF Editor is an affordable alternative for Adobe Acrobat. It is probably the best similarly priced application for PDF-editing purposes that I have tried. It comes in three differently priced editions, which correspond to the modes described above. However, if you are not willing to spend any extra money on PDF creation, you could still use Microsoft Word and save your document as PDF.

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