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NACWin 3.1.195

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December 31 2012


NACWin 3.1.195


It is a Computerised Accounting System to make your accounting a pleasure. NAC is a software system catering to Book Keeping Accounting and Management Information needs of an organisation or an individual. It offers a multitude of effective and useful features.


No Codes: NAC does not require use of Codes at all. This increases operating speed as well as accuracy of accounting.

Unlimited Number of Companies: One copy of NAC, on one computer, can handle accounts of any number of companies.

Traversing Through Various Financial Years: NAC can handle accounting of multiple consecutive fiscals. You can move back and forth between fiscals for data manipulation. Any change, say, addition, deletion or modification of transaction, will be reflected automatically into the books of subsequent fiscals.

Zooming In: Zooming from Balance Sheet/ Ledger account (or any other view screen):
- to monthly summaries
- to transaction details
- to vouchers and back

User Designed Documents: You can design, up to a limit, various documents that are printed by NAC. These are Sales Vouchers, Purchase Vouchers, Payment Vouchers, Receipt Vouchers, Contra Vouchers, journal Vouchers, Letter of Confirmation of Accounts, Sales Tax Reminder Letter and Outstanding Reminder Letter.

Double Security Protection: NAC has two security systems to ensure that no unauthorized person tampers with your accounts. (Key-floppy, and Multi level password).

Protection Against Power Failure: Chances of data loss is minimal in case of power failure.

Accounts Receivables and Payables: Bill by bill outstanding plus aging analysis of outstanding. Interest can also be calculated on outstanding.

Sales Tax Forms Management and Reminder: Information regarding Sales-Tax (ST) Forms (intra-sale/ intra-state) from customers or due to suppliers can be obtained at any time.

Account Groups: Grouping of accounts are permitted up to any level. This leads to easier Management of Information directly from accounts books & summaries.

Standred Narration: Narration of any length can be saved & recalled with every entry of a voucher in addition to one for the voucher.

Choice of 80/132 column stationery: All the reports can be obtained on 80 or 132 column stationery.

Backgrounding Printing: Reports can be directed to printer or to a File on Disk. The file can subsequently be printed in the background mode while the computer is being used any other job.

Data Export/Import: Data can be exported/imported from/to DBF files.

Depreciation Calculation: Depreciation is calculated as per Income Tax Act and Company Act. Balance Sheet depreciation schedule and depreciation voucher are also prepared.

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