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Photomizer Pro

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December 12 2012


Photomizer Pro


Photomizer Pro is an image optimizer that allows you to add frames, rotate, and add other effects to your pictures. Its user interface has an excellent design and arrangement. All the options can be accessed from the main window: image files are added on the left to be optimized; in the center there is an image previewer; on the right you will find the input profile and the processing options. At the bottom of the screen you can see the summary of the input image, processing and output options selected; and from there you can also select the output format and start the optimization process.

The Input profile option allows you to store the processing options and the output format selected. There are some predefined profiles but you can save your own profiles.

The Processing option includes all the effects you want to apply to your pictures: negative, repair, optimize, rotate, effects, distortion, and frames. You can select which effects will be used and adjust their parameters.

For the output format, you can use .jpg and .bmp. The .jpg format allows you to adjust the quality level of the image.

For the preview window, you can use single view, split view, and full screen mode. The single view shows the processed image. The split view mode allows you to see the original and the processed image with a scroll pane division.

Additional features include the option to shut down and open the target path after processing your images.

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