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WinGDB 2.4 B1574

OS Support:

WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64


Publisher Old version


January 3 2013


WinGDB 2.4 B1574


    Debug programs with GDB using familiar Visual Studio debug windows: threads, call stack, watch, locals, autos, memory, disassembly. Step through source code. Place breakpoints by one click. Use Visual Studio commands to build your projects with GNU make. Fix build errors inside Visual Studio editor. Edit files remotely. Develop for Linux, MinGW, smartphones and microcontrollers without leaving your favourite IDE.


· Features An Add-In for the Visual Studio IDE providing integration with the VS debugger interface
· Remote connection to target machine over SSH
· Support for the GDB debugger as a backend
· "Attach to process" dialog extension allowing attaching to remote processes with GDB. The process can be selected using the standard VS process list
· "Launch process" command, allowing launching remote processes inside GDB. The program to debug can be selected using a remote file system browser. Also the working directory, arguments and additional environment variables can be specified
· Remote source code browsing in Visual Studio editor. The files are fetched as needed using SCP protocol and cached over a session
· Remote edition of the source code in Visual Studio editor. Edited file is automatically sent back to the target machine after saving it
· Basic debugger commands: Run, Step over/into/out, Break All, Continue
· Breakpoint setting both in remote source files browsed locally, as well as in their local copies (e.g. from currently loaded project)
· Additional breakpoint properties: conditions, hit counting, temporary disabling
· Data breakpoints.
· Call stack window.
· Watch window.
· Auto / Locals window.
· Processes window.
· Modules window.
· Threads window.
· Memory window.
· Registers window.
· Signals window.
· Disassembler view.
· Console window for debugged process I/O, emulating a XTerm terminal.
· Generating core dump.
· Follow fork mode for debugging daemons.

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