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January 30 2013




MetroTextual is a modern text editor that supports syntax highlighting. The application has an attractive design and a user-friendly interface. Generally speaking, the program is similar to Notepad, but with some additional options and a nicer appearance. For instance, it allows you to change the window color, the text formatting, the font size, and the file encoding; also, it gives you the possibility to make the UI background darker.

The most important feature of this program is syntax highlighting. This option displays text in different fonts and colors depending on the category of terms and commands you're typing, provided the program recognizes the programming language or markup language you're writing in. Syntax highlighting is supported for: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Assembly, C#, VBScript, Python, Postgre SQL, XML, and Microsoft T-SQL.

Oddly, the program doesn’t have an option to maximize it; and it can be quite uncomfortable to write in a small window. In general, this application can be a nice replacement for Notepad: it works fast and it’s also compatible with all the character encodings supported by Windows. I recommend it to those programmers who need a simple yet nice-looking text editor.

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